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Circus Metal (avant-garde metal)

For open-minded fans of crazy, freaky "different" music, and theatrical bands

circus_metal (avant-garde)
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This community is for fans of bands like Mr. Bungle, Dog Fashion Disco, Secret Chiefs 3, Darth Vegas, Fantomas, Tub Ring, Mushroomhead, Headkase, Vicious Hairy Mary, Fast Eddie, and others who might be classed as "circus-metal" or "avant-garde metal".

This includes bands with warped, bizarre combinations of many musical genres, experimental/noise acts, and/or theatrical bands who wear masks, facepaint and costumes.

Post your thoughts, reviews, concert experiences, favorite songs and albums, pictures, and plug your own band if it's relevant - but remember, only if it fits the above descriptions.

3 kings of allah, advent sleep, agoraphobic nosebleed, alien beagle, american blackbelt academy, anubi, apatt, archangel, avant garde metal, barrelass, berzerker, blue meanies, boredoms, brachialilluminator, brokenmouth, bruce, buckethead, candy pain, carnival in coal, cartoon, chenlab, chin, circus metal, circus of dead squirrels, circus-metal, cirkus frax, clown vomit, concrete fish, daiquiri, dali dharmas, dark carnival, darth vegas, daughters, dengue fever, dillinger escape plan, doctor invisiablo, dog fashion disco, dr seuss signature, eaglebuns, eclectic music, el gonzo green, end, ensoph, ephel duath, estradasphere, experimental music, fantomas, fast eddie, faxed head, fishbone, five star prison cell, floodgate, furious jebediah, go go action bears, guano, gwar, headkase, holy mackerel, idiot flesh, idiot savant, ik, implication 9, insane clown posse, ipecac, john zorn, leviathan, locust, lollipop lust kill, lordi, lovage, lungbutter, machine gun fellatio, mad agents, malice mizer, marco sanchez brain intrusion, marilyn manson, melt-banana, melvins, meshuggah, metal, mike patton, mindless self indulgence, mod flanders conspiracy, motograter, mr bungle, mr. bungle, multivitamins, mushroomhead, naked city, noise, nuclear rabbit, one eye open, orochi, oysterhead, painkiller, peeping tom, pounded clown, primus, red-rival, rob zombie, ruins, satan's scrotum, sausage, schlong, screaming monkey boner, secret chiefs 3, seven, sikth, silent partners, simian gibbet, skeleton key, sleepytime gorilla museum, sleigor trout, slimey things, slipknot, space streakings, sugarfist, switchee, sykotik sinfoney, system of a down, the frog brigade, the grand silent system, the lizards, the locust, the mad agents, the red paintings, the ruins, thinking plague, thou shalt suffer, tism, tomahawk, toydeath, trevor dunn, trey spruance, tub ring, tzadik, ulver, vicious hairy mary, von gherkin, vulture, web of mimicry, weird little boy, white zombie, wicca basket